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Mozilla Firefox Link Checker

Post by Streetz on Mon Aug 11, 2008 10:15 am

I hope most of the advanced users know this one well anway its for newbies to browsing

This is for anyone who uses Firefox and will end the need for you to manually check RapidShare links as any coded links are automatically displayed as live or dead while you simply browse the page. Sorry for not sharing this sooner but i just assumed everyone would know about it. This also works on Filefactory links !

Sample pics of what you see while browsing:

Live links:

Dead links:

Step 1. Go here and get the Firefox Greasemonkey Addon.


Just click on the ' Add to Firefox ' button and then restart Firefox once downloaded.

Step 2. Go here and click on the ' Install this script ' button in the top right corner of the page.

Once you do that a pop up will come up and click the Install button and that is it. Now go look at some pages with RS links both live and dead and i think you will be pleasantly surprised - this should make life a lot easier for all staff from now on hopefully ! :y_thumbsup:

Note - If RapidShare is down you will know instantly as no green or red circle will appear after the links at all !

There are heaps of other scripts you can install to Greasemonkey to customize Firefox and save yourself heaps of time whilst doing other daily chores - just type in Google ' greasemonkey scripts ' and pick the ones you need !

her's a script add on for firefox that does all of the Shares sites
sites that r supported





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