Some Windows Error messages and means to avoid them

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Some Windows Error messages and means to avoid them

Post by Streetz on Mon Oct 13, 2008 6:31 am

While we working in computer you may get a black blank screen withwhite words at that time we get confusion about, whether the file,which is not saved, may get erased so we restart the system. At thattime we won’t get tension just read the message and follow the action.These errors are happening with out the CPU knowledge, some of theerrors and reasons and how to avoid this are given below.

This program is not responding End now cancel

Thesetypes of errors are occurring while we get transfer the data’sfrequently from program to computer. If the program got crash means yougot the message as End now/ Cancel. These errors are occurs on old typeof computers. When we use our pcs on hard task we got this message atthat time you may click Cancel and got continue on program else pressEnd Now and got close the program and open once again it to work.

Non system disk or disk error. Replace and press any key when ready

Whencomputer can’t get read the booting disk at the time you got this errormessage. If you may not take the floppy from the CPU means you may gothis problem. So you would take away the system and restart the system.If you wont get cure means switch off the current and open the CPUcabin and find whether any cables get disconnected means connect iteven though you may no got cure means bring your computer to a hardwaremechanic.

An Exception OE has occurred

Foreach program it may need memory these memory are allocated by thecomputer automatically. When a program access the unauthorized memorythese type of errors are displayed, if you got these type of errorsfrequently occur means you may get delete the recently installed fileeither if we change any setup means re modify it. This process iscalled as System Restore.

An error has occurred in your programto keep working anyway, click ignore and save your work to a new file.To quit this program click close.

If you got any bug errors onrunning program mean you got these message. You may also continuerunning the program even these error displayed now you give ignore andsave the file into new name. Because the old file can be get corrupt.

Duplicate name exists

Thesetype of message displays on the networking, because in network eachsystem contain separate names so if any tow system have same name meansit will display it. Without the separate we wont access the network atonce you right click the My computer icon and select Computer name=> change and give the new name to it and use the computer.

A runtime error has occurred. Do you wish to debug?

Yougot these message while using internet explorer these error are happendue to the website that you have accessing it. You wont debug itdebugging is software developer work. If you want to avoid thismessages means do the following steps. Go to Tools => Internetoptions => Advanced => Browsing => Disable script debuggingand put a tick mark on it

The margins of section … are set outside the printable area of the page. Do you want to continue? in Word

Someprinters work print on full page they take margin space on four types.If you got about message in Microsoft word means please give No and goto document page setup and change the margin and paper size and alsoview print preview before printing through this way we can avoid thiserror.


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