Fake Warning Boxes

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Fake Warning Boxes

Post by Streetz on Thu Feb 05, 2009 9:11 am

her is what to do.......its very easy

Open Notepad and put this in

x = msgbox("box message",0+48 ,"box title")

Simply replace the "Box message" with the message of your choise ,do the same with "box title"

Now for the button selection......

x = msgbox("box message",0+48 ,"box title")

The 0 is where you want to select the buttons you have

0 =OK Button

1 = OK and Cancel

2 = Abort Retry and ignore

3 = Yes No and Cancel

4 = Yes and No

5 = Retry and Cancel

and now for the logo.......

x = msgbox("box message",0+48 ,"box title")

The 48 is what you are going to be changing........

16 = Critical Message

32 = Warning Query

48 = Warning Message

64 = Information Message

Now just save that as ******.vbs(replace *** with whatever you want)

Now, if you want to trick someone into thinking it is there Internet Icon for exaple...........

Move the file to any place that it will not be seen

Right click on the file you have made and select "Creat Shortcut"

Then when you have the shortcut to it

bow plce this for example on the desktop

Now right click on the shortcut.....

Select Properties and click on the "Shortcut" tab

Now click the "Change Icon" button

Now you can find an icon of your choise...

Now click "ok" and "ok" again

Now you will have something that looks like this....

now when u click it you will get a error message
Thats all there is too it...


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